Our mission is to act in a safe and profitable manner, with quality, social and environmental responsibility, in the activities of the energy and construction industry, in national and international markets, providing appropriate services to the needs of our customers and contributing to the development of Portugal and the countries where we operate..

Cunha Soares SA aims to be the solution in the most demanding and competitive markets.

Our values

Since Cunha Soares SA was established in 1984, we have worked with honesty, humility and integrity.
These are values that we want to make prevail in future projects and that each element of our team continues to follow.

Preserved environment

We control the environmental impacts associated to our business.

Waste management

We properly manage all residues in order to reduce, recycle, re-use and/or value them whenever possible.

Safety, Health and Hygiene

We promote a health environment for all our employees.


Safety, hygiene and health are a priority for all employees of Cunha Soares.

Competence and Teamwork

We believe in motivation, stimulating the capacity for iniciative and teamwork.

Professional training

We promote continuing education to maintain a high level of technical skills.

Our History

The name Cunha Soares has, since the 70’s, being associated with the electrical industry. Having previously existed other activity records with the name of Cunha Soares, only in 1984 the name Cunha Soares & Filhos,Lda. is established later originating the company that we now know as Cunha Soares & Filhos, SA.

The company was a pioneer in the construction of overhead lines in Portugal and has brought numerous innovations concerning the construction methods in this area of activity. Presently, the company accuses more than 30 years of experience, preserved either trough family management but also due to same special workers that are a part of this family since day one. During this period we have based our business in delivering what we contracted with our customers, wether they are small, large, public or private so we say to all who work with Cunha Soares that “we honnor all our commitments“.

Business volume per region

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